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El contingut de la pàgina no s'admet en altres llengües.
De la Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure


I come from Skopje the capital of present day Macedonia and I'm trying to find some objective historical facts aboat ancient history. In this case you mantioned that Uscana is the capital of PENESTAE,and that PENESTAE is an Ilyrian region. As I can analyse the ancient maps is mostely visible that PENESTAE is outside of Ilyria and that Ilyria is mentioned more for coastal Albania or mid. Albania. Second there is a diference between Ilyrian regions and ocupaid regions from Ilyrians. Becouse frequently is notabale that many of the independet tribes from the Balcans are yoused to be mantioned as Ilyrian tribes while the reality might be that they were very independed tribes who has been free or later in a conflict with Ilyrians.