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Infotaula de personaColin Wilson
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Naixement(en) Colin Henry Wilson Modifica el valor a Wikidata
26 juny 1931 Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Leicester (Anglaterra) Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Mort5 desembre 2013 Modifica el valor a Wikidata (82 anys)
Cornualla (Regne Unit) Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Causa de mortPneumònia Modifica el valor a Wikidata
SepulturaCornualla Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Camp de treballFilosofia Modifica el valor a Wikidata
OcupacióEscriptor, ufòleg, autobiògraf, novel·lista, guionista, biògraf, escriptor de ciència-ficció, filòsof i prosista Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Activitat1956 Modifica el valor a Wikidata –
GènereAngry young men (en) Tradueix, literatura de no-ficció i novel·la Modifica el valor a Wikidata
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Colin Henry Wilson (Leicester, 26 juny de 1931 – Cornualla, 5 de desembre del 2013) va ser un filòsof i escriptor britànic. Els principals temes de la seva obra són la criminalitat i el misticisme. Colin Wilson es va convertir en un dels Joves Iracunds de la literatura britànica. Va contribuir a Declaration, una antologia de manifestos escrits per escriptors existencialistes, amb Protest: The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men. Wilson i els seus amics Bill Hopkins i Stuart Holroyd, van ser un subgrup més interessats en els "valors religiosos" que en la política liberal o socialista. Els crítics de l'esquerra aviat els van considerar feixistes; el comentarista Kenneth Allsop els anomenà "els jutges".

Obres fonamentals[modifica]

  • The Outsider (1956)
  • Religion and the Rebel (1957)
  • "The Frenchman" (relat curt, Evening Standard 22 d'agost de 1957)
  • The Age of Defeat (als Estats Units, The Stature of Man) (1959)
  • Ritual in the Dark (1960)
  • Encyclopedia of Murder (with Patricia Pitman, 1961)
  • Adrift in Soho (1961)
  • "Watching the Bird" (relat curt, Evening News 12 de setembre de 1961)
  • "Uncle Tom and the Police Constable" (relat curt, Evening News 23 d'octubre de 1961)
  • "He Could not Fail" (relat curt, Evening News 29 de desembre de 1961)
  • The Strength to Dream: Literature and the Imagination (1962)
  • "Uncle and the Lion" (relat curt, Evening News 28 de setembre de 1962)
  • "Hidden Bruise" (relat curt, Evening News December 3, 1962)
  • Origins of the Sexual Impulse (1963)
  • The World of Violence (als Estats Units, The Violent World of Hugh Greene) (1963)
  • Man Without a Shadow (als Estats Units, The Sex Diary of Gerard Sorme) (1963)
  • "The Wooden Cubes" (relat curt, Evening News 27 de juny de 1963)
  • Rasputin and the Fall of the Romanovs (1964)
  • Brandy of the Damned (1964; posteriorment estès i reeditat com Chords and Discords/Colin Wilson On Music)
  • Necessary Doubt (1964)
  • Beyond the Outsider (1965)
  • Eagle and Earwig (1965)
  • Sex and the Intelligent Teenager (1966)
  • Introduction to the New Existentialism (1966)
  • The Glass Cage (1966)
  • The Mind Parasites (1967)
  • Voyage to a Beginning (1969)
  • A Casebook of Murder (1969)
  • Bernard Shaw: A Reassessment (1969)
  • The Philosopher's Stone (1969) ISBN 978-0-213-17790-4
  • The Return of the Lloigor (publicat primer el 1969 amb l'antologia Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos; i en una edició separada i revisada, Village Press, Londres, 1974).
  • Poetry and Mysticism (1969; subsequently significantly expanded in 1970)
  • L'amour: The Ways of Love (1970)
  • The Strange Genius of David Lindsay (amb E. H. Visiak i J.B. Pick, 1970)
  • Strindberg (1970)
  • The God of the Labyrinth (als Estats Units, The Hedonists) (1970)
  • The Killer (als Estats Units, Lingard) (1970)
  • The Occult: A History (1971) (reeditat a España per Arcano Books en 2006, amb el títol Lo Oculto)
  • The Black Room (1971)
  • Order of Assassins: The Psychology of Murder (1972)
  • New Pathways in Psychology: Maslow and the Post-Freudian Revolution (1972)
  • Strange Powers (1973)
  • "Tree" by Tolkien (1973)
  • Hermann Hesse (1974)
  • Wilhelm Reich (1974)
  • Jorge Luis Borges (1974)
  • Hesse-Reich-Borges: Three Essays (1974)
  • Ken Russell: A Director in Search of a Hero (1974)
  • A Book of Booze (1974)
  • The Schoolgirl Murder Case (1974)
  • The Unexplained (1975)
  • Mysterious Powers (US title They Had Strange Powers) (1975)
  • The Craft of the Novel (1975)
  • Enigmas and Mysteries (1975)
  • The Geller Phenomenon (1975)
  • The Space Vampires (1976)
  • Colin Wilson's Men of Mystery (als Estats Units Dark Dimensions) (amb diversos autors, 1977)
  • Mysteries (1978)
  • Mysteries of the Mind (with Stuart Holroyd, 1978)
  • The Haunted Man: The Strange Genius of David Lindsay (1979)
  • "Timeslip" (short story in Aries I, editat per John Grant, 1979)
  • Science Fiction as Existentialism (1980)
  • Starseekers (1980)
  • Frankenstein's Castle: the Right Brain-Door to Wisdom (1980)
  • The Book of Time, edited by John Grant and Colin Wilson (1980)
  • The War Against Sleep: The Philosophy of Gurdjieff (1980)
  • The Directory of Possibilities, editat per Colin Wilson i John Grant (1981)
  • Poltergeist!: A Study in Destructive Haunting (1981)
  • Anti-Sartre, with an Essay on Camus (1981)
  • The Quest for Wilhelm Reich (1982)
  • The Goblin Universe (with Ted Holiday, 1982)
  • Access to Inner Worlds: The Story of Brad Absetz (1983)
  • Encyclopedia of Modern Murder, 1962-82 (1983)
  • "A Novelization of Events in the Life and Death of Grigori Efimovich Rasputin," in Tales of the Uncanny (Reader's Digest Association, 1983; una edición abreviada del posteriorThe Magician from Siberia)
  • The Psychic Detectives: The Story of Psychometry and Paranormal Crime Detection (1984)
  • A Criminal History of Mankind (1984), revised and updated (2005)
  • Lord of the Underworld: Jung and the Twentieth Century (1984)
  • The Janus Murder Case (1984)
  • The Bicameral Critic (1985)
  • The Essential Colin Wilson (1985)
  • Rudolf Steiner: The Man and His Vision (1985)
  • Afterlife: An Investigation of the Evidence of Life After Death (1985)
  • The Personality Surgeon (1985)
  • An Encyclopedia of Scandal. Editat per Colin Wilson i Donald Seaman (1986)
  • The Book of Great Mysteries. Editat per Colin Wilson i Dr. Christopher Evans (1986)
  • An Essay on the 'New' Existentialism (1988)
  • The Laurel and Hardy Theory of Consciousness (1986)
  • Spider World: The Tower (1987)
  • Spider World: The Delta (1987)
  • Marx Refuted - The Verdict of History, editat per Colin Wilson (with contributions also) i Ronald Duncan, Bath, (UK), (1987), ISBN 0-906798-71-X
  • Aleister Crowley: The Nature of the Beast (1987)
  • The Musician as 'Outsider'. (1987)
  • The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries (amb Damon Wilson, 1987)
  • Jack the Ripper: Summing Up and Verdict (amb Robin Odell, 1987)
  • Autobiographical Reflections (1988)
  • The Misfits: A Study of Sexual Outsiders (1988)
  • Beyond the Occult (1988)
  • The Mammoth Book of True Crime (1988)
  • The Magician from Siberia (1988)
  • The Decline and Fall of Leftism (1989)
  • Written in Blood: A History of Forensic Detection (1989)
  • Existentially Speaking: Essays on the Philosophy of Literature (1989)
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  • Spider World: The Magician (1992)
  • Mozart's Journey to Prague (1992)
  • The Strange Life of P.D. Ouspensky (1993)
  • Unsolved Mysteries (with Damon Wilson, 1993)
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  • A Plague of Murder (1995)
  • From Atlantis to the Sphinx (1996) (editat a España pel Círculo de Lectores el 1996 amb el títol El Mensaje Oculto De La Esfinge)
  • An Extraordinary Man in the Age of Pigmies: Colin Wilson on Henry Miller (1996)
  • The Atlas of Sacred Places (1997)
  • Below the Iceberg: Anti-Sartre and Other Essays (reissue with essays on postmodernism, 1998)
  • The Corpse Garden (1998)
  • The Books in My Life (1998)
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  • Manhunters:Criminal Profilers & Their Search for the World's Most Wanted Serial Killers (2007)
  • Super Consciousness (2009)