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--Walden69 (discussió) 19:01, 29 març 2009 (CEST)

I'm requesting to rename this page "Baselga di Piné" because the currect spelling is wrong: in Italian this name is spelled with acute accent, not grave accent. You can verify it through this link: [1] (DOP by noted linguist Bruno Migliorini is the most authoritative Italian dictionary). In it.wikipedia the page was already renamed after discussing about this issue, and also some foreing wikis have started correcting the name. For further information about Italian accents, please read what I've written in my reply to Carles: [2] (it's long, read it just in case you need all the information written there). I hope that nobody will disagree with me about the renaming. (discussió) 13:00, 5 març 2018 (CET)

@Walden69: què hi dius?.--Carles (enraonem) 02:03, 7 març 2018 (CET)

A la viquipèdia en italià el posen amb accent tancat com jo, igual que a tots els articles. Perquè ho canvia en el nostre i no en l'original italià? A Google la majoria de recerques el posen amb accent tancat. No estaria de més que posés alguna referència, perquè no ho veig clar.--Walden69 (disc.) 08:04, 7 març 2018 (CET)

Walden69, I think you may read my reply to Carles in his talk page if you're interested in understanding better this argument. I can tell you this: the 4 municipal names in the Italian wiki have been moved to the acute accent spelling because, for these 4 municipal names and a few else, Italian expects close pronunciation of the final "E", which is indicated with acute accent, while other names end with grave accent because their pronunciation is open. It's like in French. Italians actually don't care that much about accents, because in each region the pronunciation of "E"s varies and nobody except professional actors and dubbers is taught the official standard Italian pronunciation. What are the best sources, in every language, to know the correct pronunciation and orthography of that language names and words? Google results? No, dictionaries. And the most authoritative and reliable dictionaries for Italian language are the "Dizionario di Ortografia e Pronuncia" (DOP) and the "Dizionario di pronuncia italiana" (DiPI): They both register those 4 spellings with acute accent and close pronunciation. On these bases, in Italian wiki those pages were renamed, and some other wikis have done the same. As you said at the beginning, why should Catalan wiki keep an uncorrect spelling? (discussió) 12:13, 7 març 2018 (CET)