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Torre Catalunya

Plan 1964-65 Antoni Perpiñà i Sebrià, arch. Construction 1966-69 Josep Ros i Casadevall, arch. Serrat-Ribera Construcciones

General Mendoza, 1-3 (Mercadal)

A plan for a local ‘downtown’ by a planner then in vogue (Perpiñá, Azca, Madrid, 1964), was reduced to a few buildings like this 16-storey block erected over a large two- storey plinth reaching a height of 270 m on the left bank of the Onyar, an abusive vision of the capacity of the riverside zone and the spaces left by demolished monasteries and barracks. The public ill-will it generated has long been the source of the local reticence towards the tower as an urban planning resource. Nevertheless, it displays notable syntactic and compositional values of its time.