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=== Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople ===
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The '''Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul''' (officially Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople) is, since 1461, the religious head of the Armenian community in Turkey. The Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople has exerted a very significant political role earlier and today still exercises a spiritual authority, which earns it considerable respect among [[Eastern Orthodox Church|Orthodox churches]]. The Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople recognizes the primacy of the [[Catholicos of All Armenians|Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians]], in the spiritual and administrative headquarters of the Armenian Church, the [[Etchmiadzin|Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin]], [[Etchmiadzin|Vagharshapat, Republic of Armenia]], in matters that pertain to the worldwide [[Armenian Apostolic Church|Armenian Church]]. In local matters, the Patriarchal [[Episcopal see|See]] is [[autonomous]].
===Armenian Churches in Turkey===
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Turkey has hundreds of Armenian churches, however the majority of which are either in ruins or are being used for other purposes. Armenian churches still in active use belong to various denominations, mainly Armenian Apostolic, but also Armenian Catholic and Armenian Evangelical Protestant.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.bolsohays.com/webac.asp?referans=4|title=Armenians of Istanbul - Istanbul Armenians|publisher=|accessdate=11 June 2015}}</ref>
===Western Armenian===
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Western Armenian ({{Lang-hy|Արեւմտահայերէն pronounced Arevmedahayeren}}), {{Lang-hy|Արեւմտեան աշխարհաբար pronounced Arevmedyan Ashkharhapar}}, (and earlier known as {{Lang-hy|Թրքահայերէն}}, namely "Trkahayeren" (Turkish-Armenian)) are one of the two modern [[dialect]]s of the modern [[Armenian language|Armenian]], an [[Indo-European languages|Indo-European language]].
==Famous Turkish-Armenians==
{{Mainarticle principal|List of Ottoman-Armenians|List of Turkish-Armenians}}
==Turkish Armenians in the Diaspora==


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