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Freedom of Panorama (FOP) world map.

   OK, including public interiors
   OK, with permanently placed sculptures / 3D art
   OK for buildings only
䷀䷀䷀  OK for buildings and some public interiours
䷀䷀䷀  Maybe OK / unclear
   Not OK
䷀䷀䷀  Not OK, insufficient jurisdiction
   No information, assume 'Not OK'

Non-commercial use of photos of buildings is not specified in this image.

The map is incomplete due to lack of information on several countries' copyright legislation.
The map is based on data of countries and territories recognized de jure and/or de facto by the UN and most member states.

Notes on countries
  • American Samoa — U.S. copyright law is assumed to also extend there.
  • Falkland Islands: UK copyright law strongly assumed to extend there. No information on whether interiours are also allowed.
  • Greenland: Denmark's copyright law most likely extends to Greenland, given that it's a semi-independent dependency (needs to be checked);
  • Guernsey added as a dot — its copyright law does not cover interiors;
  • Added Kosovo (roughly, based on File:World map model.png) — its copyright law is different from Serbia.
  • Added Zanzibar islands, but not as points, because they are part of Tanzania. Although Zanzibar has a different copyright law that is more explicit about lack of FOP, then Tanzania allows FOP for audio and video only. All in all, Tanzania is not OK.
  • Mexican copyright law is vague.
  • Bhutan not listed at COM:FOP. No FOP anyway.
  • Haiti and many other countries' information is unknown, given that COM:FOP does not list them; there is little or no relevant FOP Talk, and no casefiles.
  • Marshall Islands have no copyright law. Yay :-)
Other notes
  • If interiors were not separately specified at COM:FOP, then they weren't included.
  • Fonts used in text added with GIMP: 'DejaVu Sans Oblique, 12' for territory names; 'DejaVu Sans 16' for legend.
Font Based on relatively blank and simplified World Map blank (island names).PNG, made by User:MapLoader.
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