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English: Nuclear warhead stockpiles of the United States and the Soviet Union/Russia, 1945-2014. These numbers are total stockpiles, including warheads that are not actively deployed (that is, including those on reserve status, but not those that are scheduled for dismantlement). The numbers of active/operational warheads could be much smaller: in 2014, about 1,980 for the United States are deployed. Inadequate historical data prohibits long-term distinction between the two, hence lumping all numbers together.

The high for the USA is 32,040 in 1967; the high for the USSR is 45,000 in 1986; the point at which the USSR surpassed the USA in warheads is 1978. Note that raw stockpile totals do not necessarily tell you much about nuclear capabilities; delivery mechanisms and types of weapons can make a big difference (many of the weapons added to the stockpile during the "surge" periods were tactical, not strategic, for example)

The goal of this graph is to give a quick, at-a-glance impression of relative stockpile levels between the two countries; those looking for specifics should consult the raw data (compiled on the discussion page of this image).
Data August 2006 April 2008
Font Treball propi Source data from: Robert S. Norris and Hans M. Kristensen, "Global nuclear stockpiles, 1945-2006," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 62, no. 4 (July/August 2006), 64-66. Online at
Autor Created by User:Fastfission first by mapping the lines using's Calc program, then exporting a graph to SVG, and the performing substantial aesthetic modifications in Inkscape.
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