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{{{2}}} [[Media:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] ([[:Fitxer:{{{1}}}|pàg.]])

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This template links to an audio file for quick listening. It is meant to be used inline with text, for pronunciations and the like.


{{Audio-IPA|name of sound file|IPA notation}}


Swedish: åka {{Audio-IPA|sv-åka.ogg|[ˈoːka]}}, 'travel', 'go'

gives this:

Swedish: åka [ˈoːka] [ˈoːka] (pàg.), 'travel', 'go'

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Plantilla:Audio templates

  • {{IPA-en}}, {{IPA-all}}, and other IPA templates, which accept audio files and link to keys that explain the IPA.