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This template is a replacement for <small>...</small>. Not all browsers render <small> at the same size, so this template uses <small style="font-size:85%;"> to use the semantics of <small> while ensuring that the font renders the same size.

The only parameter is the content and may contain templates, images, etc., if a block needs to be wrapped in this template and contains such elements. Note that if the = character appears in the content, the parameter must be explicitly specified as |1=.

Thus {{small|1=3 + 2 = 5}} produces 3 + 2 = 5

Template data[modifica]

Aquesta és la documentació dels paràmetres de la plantilla utilitzada pel nou editor visual.


A template shortcut for the "small" HTML tag that makes the font smaller

Paràmetres de la plantilla


The text that you'd like to be made smaller


Vegeu també[modifica]

Plantilles de la mida del tipus de lletra
Plantilla Mida Semàntica Exemple
{{small}} 85% <small> HHHHH
90% cap HHHHH
90% per defecte cap HHHHH
{{midsize}} 92% cap Plantilla:Midsize
cap 100% cap HHHHH
{{larger}} 110% cap HHHHH
120% cap HHHHH
{{large}} gran cap Plantilla:Large
{{huge}} 180% cap Plantilla:Huge
{{tipus lletra|mida}}