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Correu d'emergències

Resum per Paucabot

S'ha creat un correu per amenaces d'atemptats, suïcidis ...

KRLS (discussiócontribucions)

Només volia comentar que existeix un correu d'emergències (Legal) tutelat per la WMF al qual podeu enviar missatges si veiéssiu durant el vostre patrullatge algun indici de notes de suïcidi, amenaces de terrorisme, etc. ("For threats of violence against persons and property (including suicide threats and terroristic threats)". Potser us pot ser útil.

Trizek (WMF) (discussiócontribucions)


Sorry to use English.

There is a process fully detailed on that page. It is really simple:

  1. Treat all claims seriously. Call the police if there is an immediate danger, they are now trained to respond to on-line suicide or attacks threats.
  2. Email the Wikimedia Foundation with details so they can contact the relevant authorities (they have multiple contacts): emergencywikimedia.org

You can know more about this process on that blog post (in English). I've also informed the team in charge of that process about this discussion.