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Dius que no goses escriure en català, per què no ho proves amb algun d'aquets programes:

Plàcid Pérez Bru 19:40 11 gen, 2004 (UTC)

The problem isn't a technical one, the problem is that I've learned the language only well enough to read it, not well enough to write or speak, and barely well enough to listen. I'm good with languages, but I've probably spent a grand total of 8-10 weeks in Catalunya, and my one close friend there has fluent English (spent summers with relatives in Ireland), and I carry on most other conversations in Castellano. Consequently, I've picked up most of my Catalan from museum wall texts, eavesdropping, doing my best to plow through Avui on occasion instead of El Pais or Vanguardia, and listening to the Digui Digui tapes. -- Jmabel (US) 05:10 12 gen, 2004 (UTC)

Requests for translation

Mitologia catalana and related articles

Articles to translate, related to Sóller

Translations complete, but with issues

  • Fortunio Bonanova - translated. I have some doubts about the accuracy and sourcing of this. I've tried dealing with that a little in the English-language version, but here I've just put my remarks (in Spanish and English) in the talk page. -- Jmabel (US) 00:05 13 gen, 2004 (UTC)
  • Sóller - translated, but again I have questions about the article, discussed on its talk page. -- Jmabel (US) 08:10 13 gen, 2004 (UTC)

Translations complete, probably pretty solid

Hello. Welcome. If you have some time, could you translate into English gramàtica catalana and conjugació dels verbs regulars. Thanks. --Youssefsan 11:13 10 gen, 2004 (UTC) look at gramàtica catalana is now finished, now I am working on verb irregular, a list of most of the irregular verbs in catalan. Plàcid Pérez Bru 10:04 11 gen, 2004 (UTC)

OK, I've done this one. The hardest problem was trying to render the examples into English. Also, because we don't really have words corresponding to "en", "hi" and "ho" I added an explanation of these. It might be good for a native speaker to take a look at the result, en:Catalan grammar; there will probably be some (hopefully small) mistakes. Jmabel (US) 23:25 14 gen, 2004 (UTC)

Let me know when more is added to the Catalan article. Jmabel (US) 23:25 14 gen, 2004 (UTC)

Exchange about Tió de Nadal

(This article should now be solid, but for the record...)

  • en:Tió de Nadal There were 2 phrases here I couldn't translate. Review very welcome. -- Jmabel (US) 18:57 18 gen, 2004 (UTC)
    • May be one is that: Usually it has two or three limbs, and if is there a more highest, has a smiling face with a typical catalan cap called “barratina”.

Plàcid You do'nt know how to wrhite catalan, I do'nt Know how to wrhite english, may be is not a good translation.

      • This was not the phrase at issue (which has long since been dealt with) and I believe there was nothing wrong with my translation of this particular phrase. -- Jmabel (US) 04:40 19 gen, 2004 (UTC)


    • Do you Know what means energy eigenstates into catalan or castellano, please?
    • Please, do you Know what mean the words: eigenstates, eigenfunction, eigenspaces? I thowgh I know what are states, function, spaces; but what means eigen? Do You Know in catalan, or castellano?
      • de fet eigen es alemany i vol dir propi. Eigenfunction / eigenvalue / eigenvector son funcio / valor / vector propis, etc.

Plàcid Pérez Bru 21:23 14 gen, 2004 (UTC)

continuing this on Plàcid Pérez Bru's page

Jmabel: podries mirar això per veure si hi ha cap error garragal?

Està traduït de la wiki anglesa (Dirac equation)

Plàcid Pérez Bru 21:00 19 feb, 2004 (UTC)

beg you pardon is error garrafal The last word is error garrafal?

"error garrafal" was when the aphotecaries do they same the drugs, usualy they have a shop assistand, who dont know any thing about medicine, or drugs. And some times some body dead, and they sttribute it to the assistand, you would have changed the demijohn (garrafa), of one drug good for that unwell, and he has made a lethal combination with the diferent dugs. Usualy it derives to a little punishment for the assistant, instead of a big penalty for the apothecary.

Can you, please, revise my translation of "Dirac equation" into Equació de Dirac.

Plàcid Pérez Bru 17:42 21 feb, 2004 (UTC)

Many thanks

Plàcid Pérez Bru 20:35 23 feb, 2004 (UTC)

A moltes Viquipèdies al article Gandhi, també a la nostra, però ho vam llevar, i vam restaurar una versió antiga, hi han posat uns enllaços que pareixen més propaganda, que una altre cosa. També hi han posat una imatge d'en Gandhi que té copyright, per tant no podria ser distribuida sota las normes GNU.

Ho podries dir a algún lloc on tot hom se'n assabentés?

Plàcid Pérez Bru 20:58 5 mar, 2004 (UTC)

--- Hi ha una plana que és més llarga que a la Wiki anglesa: Euskal Herria. Ves alerta n'hi ha un que vol esborrar la paraula "Eukal herria" de tots els llibres dels escolars, o una cosa així, ja li han contestat que aquesta paraula està a la majoria de enciclopèdies. Pel que fa als enllaços externs no se si esborrar-los a tots, perque el seu contingut, al meyns en part, podria ser pro- terrorista. Ja veus que és un tema polèmic: alguns volen esborrar "Euskal Herria" dels llibres, com feien els antics egipcis amb els personatges malaïts per eliminar una part del seu ser; els radicals de l'altre bàndol fan atemptats, com pots veure a la nostra Actualitat o a la vostra plana corresponent a la wiki anglesa.

Plàcid Pérez Bru 17:16 11 mar, 2004 (UTC)

Well, I ignore what means "settle" (ups!), but if you want to know what is absolutly finnished (with all the subpages) I thinks that only Segarra and Alt Urgell. If you want to know how to get the needed information, you can go to, and The tables are made with OOo, in the "red" default design. Llull 07:37 9 abr, 2004 (UTC)