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English: The Liber maiolichinus de gestis pisanorum illustribus ("Majorcan Book of the Deeds of the Illustrious Pisans") is a Medieval Latin epic chronicle in 3,500 hexameters, written between 1117 and 1125, detailing the Pisan-led joint military expedition of Italians, Catalans, and Occitans against the taifa of the Balearic Islands, in particular Majorca and Ibiza, in 1113–5. It was commissioned by the commune of Pisa, and its anonymous author was probably a cleric. It survives in three manuscripts. The Liber is notable for containing the earliest known reference to "Catalans" (Catalanenses), treated as an ethnicity, and to "Catalonia" (Catalania), as their homeland.

At vice qui comitis Pisana presidet urbe
Ugo; militie cui prebent singula laudem,
Agmine qui toto vitam servavit honestam,
Astarum ludis et cursibus usus equorum
Ac preponendo vincenti premia cursus,
Pisanos equites tractabat more Quiritis,
Egregiumque virum
Catalania tota frequentans
Sardanieque comes celso celebrabat honore.
Consulis Henrici bonitas nec non reliquorum,
Iurgia sive scelus non impunita relinquens,
Iustitie normam servavit in agmine toto.
Quippe sibi gnari socii dum forte faverent
Omnibus equa dabant placidi moderamina iuris,
Constituuntque viros totum vigilare per agmen
Qui servare queant nocturno tempore naves.
Bisque decem servant Balearica regna carine

Data s.XII
Font Biblioteca Universitaria di Pisa
Autor Lawrence of Verona (Lorenzo Vernes, Laurentius Veronensis) and Henry of Pisa have been suggested as potential authors, cf. John B. Dillon (2004), Medieval Italy: An Encyclopedia, Christopher Kleinhenz, ed. (New Jersey: Routledge), 610.


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