De la Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure
return {

	-- Templates that should never be transcluded
	blacklist = {
		'.*[Ii]nfobox.*', 'Taxobox', -- infoboxes
		'.*[Ss]idebar.*', -- sidebars
		'.*[Nn]avbox.*', -- navboxes
		'[Cc]urrent.*', -- {{Current}} etc.
		'[Pp]p%-.+', -- {{pp-move-indef}} etc.
		'[Uu]se .+ dates', -- {{Use dmy dates}} etc.
		'[Uu]se .+ English', '[Uu]se .+ spelling', 'EngvarB', -- {{Use American English}} etc.
		'[Ss]hort[ -]?desc.*', 'SHORTDESC', 'Description', 'Brief description',
		'[Ss]poken.*', -- Spoken Wikipedia related
		'.*TOC.*', '[Tt]oc ?[Ll]imit', -- Table of contents related
		'.*[Cc]oor.*', 'Location', -- Coordinates
		'DISPLAYTITLE', 'Displaytitle', 'Display title',
		'DEFAULT ?SORT', '[Dd]efault ?[Ss]ort',
		'Main', '[Mm]ain ?[Aa]rticles?', 'MAIN', '[Mm]ain[12]', 'Main page', '[Ss]ee ?main', 'Readmain', 'Full article', 
		'Good article', 'Good Article', 'GA article', 'GA icon',
		'Featured article', 'Featured', 'Featuredarticle', 'FeaturedSmall',
		'Other uses', 'Others?', '[Oo]ther ?[Uu]ses?1?', '[Oo]ther ?[Mm]eanings?', 'Distinguish',
		'For', 'For1', 'For2', 'FOR', 'For the', 'Forthe',
		'[Ss]ee also',
		'Very long', 'Too long', 'Long',
		'Redirect.*', 'Redir',
		'Unreferenced', 'References',
		'Citations broken from PEIS limit',
		'Short description',

	-- Map from image parameters to captions
	-- Used for extracting the file out of the infobox
	captions = {
		{'map1', {'legend1'} },
		{'map2', {'legend2'} },
		{'image', {'caption', 'description'} },

	-- Tracking categories (without the category namespace)
	categories = {
		content = 'Articles amb extractes',
		errors = 'Articles amb extractes trencats',
		--[0] = 'Articles amb extractes',

	-- Prefix for generating the hatnote
	hat = '{{hatnote|extraclasses=dablink|selfref=yes|1=',

	-- Title of the template styles (optional)
	styles = 'Excerpt/styles.css'