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Amir Sar Bugha was executed by Barquq in Cairo on 16.4.1391 (public punishment)[modifica]

Amir Sar Bugha was executed by Barquq in Cairo on 16.4.1391 (discussió) 17:24, 26 jul 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]

@ Can you give us references to verify this information? Thank you, KajenCAT (disc.) 19:12, 26 jul 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]
He is our ancestor, one of our ancestors was son of Alacha khan, we are now the Slovaks, Literature: unknown_Mamluk Prosopography (discussió) 22:54, 15 ago 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]
Sar Bugha father of emir shaykh Nur al-din (regent du Fars), his daughter was wife of Vais khan, who was father of Yunus khan, who was father of Alacha khan (discussió) 23:27, 15 ago 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]
Without sources, no information can be added to the article. Regards, KajenCAT (disc.) 08:31, 16 ago 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]
unknown_Mamluk Prosopography was downloaded from internet78.99.34.141 (discussió) 09:29, 16 ago 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]

the next is from unknown_Mamluk Prosopography

ʾamīr 040 (al-Qāhira/Cairo)
Timurbughā al-ʾAfḍalī Minṭāsh
Sarbughā al-Nāṣirī
Promoting `amir 040 (al-Qahira/Cairo) Timurbugha al-`Afdali Mintash Sarbugha al-Nasiri (discussió) 11:50, 16 ago 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]
al-Ẓāhir Barqūq
Sarbughā al-Nāṣirī
Arresting seizing al-Zahir Barquq Sarbugha al-Nasiri
al-Ẓāhir Barqūq
Sarbughā al-Nāṣirī
Punishing execution al-Zahir Barquq Sarbugha al-Nasiri (discussió) 11:51, 16 ago 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]
Further, 1363 to 1377 sarbugha fought with tamerlan, in 1377 was promoted by Ali Mansur to amir040 in 1377, then degradated by Barquq (discussió) 12:07, 16 ago 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]
Ururu or Urus Bugha was prince (discussió) 17:18, 16 ago 2022 (CEST)Respon[respon]