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Format: {{rail-interchange|city|<type>}}

Note, these are the names of the main location involved, and not the brand used by the current franchise operator. If the logo should change, it can be easily updated within this template.

So, alphabetically

  • MidlandMetro logo notext.PNG{{rail-interchange|birmingham}}
  • {{rail-interchange|brussels}}
  • GlasgowSubway logo notext.PNG {{rail-interchange|glasgow}}
  • {{rail-interchange|lille}}
  • {{rail-interchange|london}} (default)
  • DLR no-text roundel.svg {{rail-interchange|london|dlr}}
  • London Overground {{rail-interchange|london|overground}}
  • Tramlink no-text roundel.svg {{rail-interchange|london|tram}}
  • {{rail-interchange|london|rail}}
  • Underground no-text.svg {{rail-interchange|london|underground}}
  • BSicon BOOT.svg {{rail-interchange|london|river}}
  • {{rail-interchange|manchester}}
  • Tyne Wear Metro logo.svg {{rail-interchange|newcastle}}
  • NET notext logo.svg {{rail-interchange|nottingham}}
  • Metro-M.svg {{rail-interchange|paris|metro}}
  • Paris RER icon.svg {{rail-interchange|paris|rer}}
  • BSicon TRAM.svg {{rail-interchange|sheffield}}
  • {{rail-interchange|warsaw}} (default)
  • PKP.svg {{rail-interchange|warsaw|rail}}
  • {{rail-interchange|warsaw|metro}}

And some specials:

  • {{rail-interchange|be|rail}}
  • Deutsche Bahn AG-Logo.svg {{rail-interchange|de|rail}}
  • {{rail-interchange|gb|rail}}
  • BSicon FLUG.svg {{rail-interchange|air}}