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Welcome to the page 2017 Faber Wikiproject, a project that aims to experiment with the processes of creation following wiki philosophy and sharing knowledge freely and openly with other members of the house.


Faber, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency of Catalonia in Olot is a place for writers, translators, artists of diverse disciplines, scholars and scientists to stay together and to work on their personal projects.

During their stay, the residents will collaborate in different kinds of activities addressed to students, professionals and general public. The activities will be carried out in accordance with a project, taking into account previous demands and necessities.

The Residency is a contemporary space which acts out of the interests of the hosting society. It collects ideas, opinion trends and worries of contemporary world and European cultures. The Residency’s permanence of being up-to-date is reinforced by the residents who are going to stay there. The Residency will participate in the maintenance of communication lines towards Catalonia and towards the world, essential for today’s society, and will be a connecting link between the town and other towns, between the country and other countries. Faber is at the disposal of individuals, institutions, companies and non-profit organisations of Catalonia.

Project details[modifica]

This is a wiki. These are only some of the initial proposals.

During his stay, the Wikipedian will analyze how Olot and the Garrotxa county is represented on Wikipedia. In order to open his residency, he will organize an online contest to improve both's Olot content on Wikipedia and also better documenting Fabers participants bios and profiles on Wikipedia. Its aim is to map and document phisycally related to the Faber project during one week (both heritage and human), with different small wiki initiatives.

Detailed proposal
Project 01 Olot
  • Prepare a report on how Olot is represented on Wikipedia (content / views / language / quality)
  • Sort Olot photographic database on Wikimedia Commons
  • Find open information sources (Opendata, patmapa, Gencat ...) about Olot and incorporate them in the Wikimedia projects
Project 02 Faber bios

Create or improve articles in Catalan Wikipedia related to the main personalities who have passed through this home, also asking our international visitors to help spreading free knowledge translating a some information to their respective languages.

  • Organize a conference talk with an introduction to free knowledge. (It may be open to a wider public, to be determined)
  • Organize a small online-contest for improving Olot-Garrotxa related articles on Wikipedia.

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