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Naixement(en) Michael Webb Pierce Modifica el valor a Wikidata
8 agost 1921 Modifica el valor a Wikidata
West Monroe (Louisiana) Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Mort24 febrer 1991[1]
Causa de mortCauses naturals Modifica el valor a Wikidata (Càncer de pàncrees Modifica el valor a Wikidata)
Ocupaciócantant de country, compositor de cançons, artista d'estudi Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Activitat1952 Modifica el valor a Wikidata –
GènereCountry Modifica el valor a Wikidata
InstrumentGuitarra i veu Modifica el valor a Wikidata
Segell discogràfic4 Star Records
Decca Records Modifica el valor a Wikidata
CònjugeAudrey Grisham (1952–) Modifica el valor a Wikidata

IMDB: nm0682494 Musicbrainz: cbd197c2-1c29-4f46-acc6-0565a916d143 Discogs: 474884 Allmusic: mn0000198901 Find a Grave: 2391 Modifica el valor a Wikidata

Webb Michael Pierce (8 d'agost de 1921 - 24 de febrer de 1991) va ser un dels cantants nord-americans de honky tonk més populars a la dècada dels anys 1950, posant en llistes un major nombre de cançons que qualsevol altre artista country d'aquesta dècada.[2]

El seu major èxit va ser "In the jailhouse now" que va estar 37 setmanes a la cartellera, 21 d'elles com a número 1. Pierce també va tenir com a número u durant diverses setmanes cançons com "Slowly" (1954), "Love, Love, Love" (1955), "I Don't Care" (1955), "There Stands The Glass" (1953), "More And More" (1954), "I Ain't Never" (1959) i el seu primer número u "Wondering," que ho va ser durant 4 de les 27 setmanes que va romandre a les llistes.[3]

Per a molts, Pierce, amb el seu flamant estil, va ser la cara més reconeixible de la música country del moment i els seus excessos.[4] Va ser membre del Grand Ole Opry ia títol pòstum del Country Music Hall of Fame .



Any Àlbum US Country Segell
1955 Webb Pierce Decca
1956 The Wondering Boy
1957 Just Imagination
1959 Bound for the Kingdom
1960 Webb with a Beat
Walking the Streets
1961 Webb Pierce's Golden Favorites
Fellen Angel
1962 Hideaway Heart
1963 Cross Country 20
I've Got a New Heartache
Bow Thy Head
1964 The Webb Pierce Story 13
Sands of Gold
1965 Memory #1 6
Country Music Time
1966 Sweet Memories
Webb's Choice 29
1967 Where'd Ya Stay Last Night 43
1968 Fool Fool Fool
Saturday Night
1969 Webb Pierce Sings This Thing 32
1970 Love Ain't Never Gonna Be No Better 42
Merry Go Round World
1971 Road Show
1972 I'm Gonna Be a Swinger
1979 Faith, Hope and Love Skylite
1982 In the Jailhouse Now (w/ Willie Nelson ) Columbia


Any Single Posició en els chart
US Country US CAN Country
1952 "Wondering" 1
"That Heart Belongs to Me" 1
"Back Street Affair" 1
1953 "I'll Go on Alone" 4
"That's Me Without You" 4
"The Last Waltz" 4
"I Haven't Got the Heart" 5
"It's Been So Long" 1
"Don't Throw Your Life Away" 9
"There Stands the Glass" 1
"I'm Walking the Dog" 3
1954 "Slowly" 1
"Even Tho" 1
"Sparkling Brown Eyes" (w/ The Wilburn Brothers) 4
"More and More" 1 22
"You're Not Mine Anymore" 4
1955 "In the Jailhouse Now" 1
"I'm Gonna Fall Out of Love with You" 10
"I Don't Care" 1
"Your Good for Nothing Heart" flip
"Love, Love, Love" 1
"If You Were Me" 7
1956 "Why Baby Why" (w/ Red Sovine) 1
"Yes I Know Why" 2
"'Cause I Love You" 3
"Little Rosa" (w/ Red Sovine) 5
"Any Old Time" 7
"We'll Find a Way" flip
"Teenage Boogie" 10
"I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me" flip
1957 "I'm Tired" 3
"It's My Way" flip
"Honky Tonk Song" 1
"Oh' So Many Years" (w/ Kitty Wells) 8
"Someday" 12
"Bye Bye Love" 7 73
"Missing You" 7
"Holiday for Love" 3
"Don't Do It Darlin'" 12
1958 "One Week Later" (w/ Kitty Wells) 12
"Cryin' Over You" 3
"You'll Come Back" 10
"Falling Back to You" 10
"Tupelo County Jail" 7
1959 "I'm Letting You Go" 22
"A Thousand Miles Ago" 6
"I Ain't Never" 2 24
1960 "No Love Have I" 4 54
"(Doin' the) Lover's Leap" 17 93
"Is It Wrong (For Loving You)" 11 69
"Drifting Texas Sand" 11 108
"Fallen Angel" 4 99
1961 "Let Forgiveness In" 5
"Sweet Lips" 3
"Walking the Streets" 5
"How Do You Talk to a Baby" 7
1962 "Alla My Love" 5
"Crazy Wild Desire" 8
"Take Time" 7
"Cow Town" 5
"Sooner or Later" 19
1963 "How Come Your Dog Don't Bite Nobody But Me" (w/ Mel Tillis) 25
"Sawmill" 15
"If I Could Come Back" 21
"Sands of Gold" 7 118
"If the Back Door Could Talk" 13
"Those Wonderful Years" 9
1964 "Waiting a Lifeitme" 25
"Memory #1" 2
"Finally" (w/ Kitty Wells) 9 2
1965 "That's Where My Money Goes" 26
"Broken Engagement" 46
"Loving You Then Losing You" 22
"Who Do I Think I Am" 13
"Hobo and the Rose" 50
1966 "You Ain't No Better Than Me" 46
"Love's Something (I Can't Understand)" 25
"Where'd Ya Stay Last Night" 14
1967 "Goodbye City, Goodbye Girl" 39
"Fool Fool Fool" 6
1968 "Luzianna" 24
"Stranger in a Strange, Strange City" 26
"In Another World" 74
"Saturday Night" 22 25
1969 "If I Had Last Night to Live Over" 32
"This Thing" 14 17
"Love Ain't Gonna Be No Better" 38
1970 "Merry-Go-Round World" 71
"The Man You Want Me to Be" 56
1971 "Showing His Dollar" 73
"Tell Him That You Love Him" 31
"Someone Stepped In (And Stole Me Blind)" 73
1972 "Wonderful Wonderful" 21
"I'm Gonna Be a Swinger" 54
1975 "The Good Lord Giveth (And Uncle Sam Taketh Away)" 57
1976 "I've Got Leaving on My Mind" 82 41
1982 "In the Jailhouse Now" (w/ Willie Nelson) 72

Singles com a convidat[modifica]

Any Single Artista US Country
1985 "One Big Family" Heart of Nashville 61


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