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WLPA Barcelona 2013 is the pilot photo contest in Spain within the international initiative Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA) with the support of Amical Wikimedia and Ajuntament de Barcelona. It is focused on the catalogue raisonné of public art published by the city council and the University of Barcelona. We propose 1.628 artworks in public spaces in Barcelona. They are organized in lists by municipal districts plus two subject areas on commemorative plaques and memorial trees. You can find them browsing from Llista de l'art públic de Barcelona or you can localise them with your favourite map server in the box at right.

Volunteers have worked hard to prepare the lists and now it is time for photographs to help complete the information. In Spain, works permanently located in public thoroughfares can be freely photographed and distributed. We have marked those artworks that can be photographed without any doubt, either as public domain or falling clearly in freedom of panorama under Spanish copyright law. Other artworks may be discussed further but they will not enter in the 2013 contest.

From May 1 to 31, according to local CEST timezone, you can upload your photos of proposed artworks of Barcelona to Wikimedia Commons under a free licence. Locate the artwork in the lists and click the icon Upload a new photo of this work. If you already have the code number you can also use directly the Upload Wizard of the contest.

The most valued picture of Barcelona will have 1 terabyte portable hard drive as a prize, and the ten more active photographers will be awarded with ArTicketBCN that lets you visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions at six museums in Barcelona. Furthermore, ten photos will be selected to enter the international competition with other possibilities to get awards.

Even though you have difficulty understanding Catalan, we invite you to visit the project pages: "Participa-hi!" (how to participate), "Concurs" (about the contest), "Jurat" (our jury), "Organització" (organization team). If you have any questions, please comment on the talk page or send an email at

Enjoy public artwork!