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Oscar al millor curtmetratge

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L'Oscar al millor curtmetratge és un premi que atorga l'Acadèmia de Cinema de Hollywood en una cerimònia anual, en reconeixement al millor curtmetratge.

Des de l'inici dels premis el 1932 fins a l'any 1935 estava dividit en "Millor curtmetratge de comèdia" i "Millor curtmetratge de novetat". De 1936 a 1956 hi va haver dues categories separades: "Millor curtmetratge d'un carret" i "Millor curtmetratge de dos carrets". Els anys 1936 i 1937 es van entregar també els premis "Millor curtmetratge en color". A partir de 1957 van passar a ser categoria única.

Curtmetratges premiats:

Guanyadors i nominats


Dècada de 1930

Any Comèdia Novetat
Pel·lícula Nominats Pel·lícula Nominats
1932 The Music Box Hal Roach Wrestling Swordfish Mack Sennett
The Loud Mouth Mack Sennett Screen Souvenirs Paramount Publix
Scratch-As-Catch-Can RKO Radio Swing High Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Stout Hearts and Willing Hands (desqualificada) RKO Radio
1933 So This Is Harris! Louis Brock Krakatoa Joe Rock
Mister Mugg Warren Doane Menu Pete Smith
A Preferred List Louis Brock The Sea Educational
1934 La Cucaracha Kenneth Macgowan City of Wax Horace Woodard, Stacy Woodard
Men in Black Jules White Bosom Friends Skibo Productions
What, No Men! Warner Bros. Strikes and Spares Pete Smith
1935 How to Sleep Jack Chertok Wings Over Everest Gaumont British, Skibo Productions
Oh, My Nerves Jules White Audioscopiks Pete Smith
Tit for Tat Hal Roach Camera Thrills Universal
Any Color Un carret Dos carrets
Pel·lícula Nominats Pel·lícula Nominats Pel·lícula Nominats
1936 Give Me Liberty Warner Bros. Bored of Education Hal Roach The Public Pays Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
La Fiesta de Santa Barbara Lewis Lewyn Moscow Moods Paramount Double or Nothing Warner Bros.
Popular Science J-6-2 Paramount Wanted – A Master Pete Smith Dummy Ache RKO Radio
1937 Penny Wisdom Pete Smith The Private Life of the Gannets Skibo Productions Torture Money Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
The Man Without a Country Warner Bros. A Night at the Movies Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Deep South RKO Radio
Popular Science J-7-1 Paramount Romance of Radium Pete Smith Should Wives Work? RKO Radio
Any Un carret Dos carrets
Pel·lícula Nominats Pel·lícula Nominats
1938 That Mothers Might Live Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Declaration of Independence Warner Bros.
The Great Heart Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Swingtime in the Movies Warner Bros.
Timber Toppers 20th Century-Fox They're Always Caught Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
1939 Busy Little Bears Paramount Sons of Liberty Warner Bros.
Information Please RKO Radio Drunk Driving Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Prophet Without Honor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Five Times Five RKO Radio
Sword Fishing Warner Bros.

Dècada de 1940

Any Un carret Dos carrets
Pel·lícula Nominats Pel·lícula Nominats
1940 Quicker'n a Wink Pete Smith Teddy, the Rough Rider Warner Bros.
London Can Take It! Warner Bros. Eyes of the Navy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
More About Nostradamus Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Service with the Colors Warner Bros.
Siege RKO Radio
1941 Of Pups and Puzzles Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Main Street on the March! Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Army Champions Pete Smith Alive in the Deep Woodward Productions
Beauty and the Beach Paramount Forbidden Passage Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Down on the Farm Paramount The Gay Parisian Warner Bros.
Forty Boys and a Song Warner Bros. The Tanks Are Coming Warner Bros.
Kings of the Turf Warner Bros.
Sagebrush and Silver 20th Century Fox
1942 Speaking of Animals and Their Families Paramount Beyond the Line of Duty Warner Bros.
Desert Wonderland 20th Century Fox Don't Talk Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Marines in the Making Pete Smith Private Smith of the U.S.A. RKO Radio
United States Marine Band Warner Bros.
1943 Amphibious Fighters Grantland Rice Heavenly Music Jerry Bresler, Sam Coslow
Cavalcade of Dance with Veloz and Yolanda Gordon Hollingshead Letter to a Hero Frederic Ullman
Champions Carry On Edmund Reek Mardi Gras Walter MacEwen
Hollywood in Uniform Ralph Staub Women at War Gordon Hollingshead
Seeing Hands Pete Smith
1944 Who's Who in Animal Land Jerry Fairbanks I Won't Play Gordon Hollingshead
Blue Grass Gentlemen Edmund Reek Bombalera Louis Harris
Jammin' the Blues Gordon Hollingshead Main Street Today Jerry Bresler
Movie Pests Pete Smith
Screen Snapshots' 50th Anniversary of Motion Pictures Ralph Staub
1945 Stairway to Light Herbert Moulton, Jerry Bresler Star in the Night Gordon Hollingshead
Along the Rainbow Trail Edmund Reek A Gun in His Hand Chester Franklin
Screen Snapshots' 25th Anniversary Ralph Staub The Jury Goes Round 'n' Round Jules White
Story of a Dog Gordon Hollingshead The Little Witch George Templeton
White Rhapsody Grantland Rice
Your National Gallery Joseph O'Brien, Thomas Mead
1946 Facing Your Danger Gordon Hollingshead A Boy and His Dog Gordon Hollingshead
Dive-Hi Champs Jack Eaton College Queen George Templeton
Golden Horses Edmund Reek Hiss and Yell Jules White
Smart as a Fox Gordon Hollingshead The Luckiest Guy in the World Jerry Bresler
Sure Cures Pete Smith
1947 Good-Bye Miss Turlock Herbert Moulton Climbing the Matterhorn Irving Allen
Brooklyn, U.S.A. Thomas Mead Champagne for Two Harry Grey
Moon Rockets Jerry Fairbanks Fight of the Wild Stallions Thomas Mead
Now You See It Pete Smith Give Us the Earth Herbert Morgan
So You Want to Be in Pictures Gordon Hollingshead A Voice is Born Ben Blake
1948 Symphony of a City Edmund H. Reek Seal Island Walt Disney
Annie Was a Wonder Herbert Moulton Calgary Stampede Gordon Hollingshead
Cinderella Horse Gordon Hollingshead Going to Blazes Herbert Morgan
So You Want to Be on the Radio Gordon Hollingshead Samba Mania Harry Grey
You Can't Win Pete Smith Snow Capers Thomas Mead
1949 Aquatic House Party Jack Eaton Van Gogh Gaston Diehl i Robert Haessens
Roller Derby Girl Justin Herman Boy and the Eagle William Lasky
So You Think You're Not Guilty Gordon Hollingshead Chase of Death Irving Allen
Spills and Chills Walton C. Ament The Grass is Always Greener Gordon Hollingshead
Water Trix Pete Smith Snow Carnival Gordon Hollingshead

Dècada de 1950

Any Un carret Dos carrets
Pel·lícula Nominats Pel·lícula Nominats
1950 Grandad of Races Gordon Hollingshead In Beaver Valley Walt Disney
Blaze Busters Robert Youngson Grandma Moses Falcon Films
Wrong Way Butch Pete Smith My Country 'Tis of Thee Gordon Hollingshead
1951 World of Kids Robert Youngson Nature's Half Acre Walt Disney
Ridin' the Rails Jack Eaton Balzac Les Films Du Compass
The Story of Time Robert G. Leffingwell Danger Under the Sea Thomas Mead
1952 Light in the Window: The Art of Vermeer Boris Vermont Water Birds Walt Disney
Athletes of the Saddle Jack Eaton Bridge of Time London Films
Desert Killer Gordon Hollingshead Devil Take Us Herbert Morgan
Neighbours Norman McLaren Thar She Blows! Gordon Hollingshead
Royal Scotland Crown Film Unit
1953 The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture Johnny Green Bear Country Walt Disney
Christ among the Primitives Vincenzo Lucci-Chiarissi Ben and Me Walt Disney
Herring Hunt National Film Board of Canada Return to Glennascaul Mayer Kingsley, Inc.
Joy of Living Boris Vermont Vesuvius Express Otto Lang
Wee Water Wonders Jack Eaton Winter Paradise Cedric Francis
1954 This Mechanical Age Robert Youngson A Time Out of War Denis Sanders, Terry Sanders
The First Piano Quartette Otto Lang Beauty and the Bull Cedric Francis
The Strauss Fantasy Johnny Green Jet Carrier Otto Lang
Siam Walt Disney
1955 Survival City Edmund Reek The Face of Lincoln Wilbur T. Blume
Gadgets Galore Robert Youngson 24-Hour Alert Cedric Francis
3rd Ave. El Carson Davidson The Battle of Gettysburg Dore Schary
Three Kisses Justin Herman On the Twelfth Day George K. Arthur
Switzerland Walt Disney
1956 Crashing the Water Barrier Konstantin Kalser The Bespoke Overcoat Romulus Films
I Never Forget a Face Robert Youngson Cow Dog Larry Lansburgh
Time Stood Still Cedric Francis The Dark Wave John Healy
Samoa Walt Disney
Any Millor curtmetratge
Pel·lícula Nominats
1957 The Wetback Hound Larry Lansburgh
A Chairy Tale Norman McLaren
City of Gold Tom Daly
Foothold on Antarctica James Carr
Portugal Ben Sharpsteen
1958 Grand Canyon Walt Disney
Journey into Spring Ian Ferguson
The Kiss John Patrick Hayes
Snows of Aorangi New Zealand Screen Board
T Is for Tumbleweed James A. Lebenthal
1959 The Golden Fish Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Between the Tides Ian Ferguson
Mysteries of the Deep Walt Disney
The Running, Jumping and Standing-Still Film Peter Sellers
Skyscraper Shirley Clarke, Willard Van Dyke, Irving Jacoby

Dècada de 1960

Any Pel·lícula Nominats
1960 Day of the Painter Ezra R. Baker
The Creation of Woman Charles F. Schwep, Ismail Merchant
Islands of the Sea Walt Disney
A Sport Is Born Leslie Winik
1961 Seawards the Great Ships Templar Film Studios
Play Ball! Ciné-Documents
The Face of Jesus Dr. John D. Jennings
Rooftops of New York Robert Gaffney
Very Nice, Very Nice Arthur Lipsett
1962 Heureux Anniversaire Pierre Étaix, Jean-Claude Carrière
Big City Blues Martina Huguenot van der Linden, Charles Huguenot van der Linden
The Cadillac Robert Clouse
One Plus One Hayward Anderson
Pan Herman van der Horst
1963 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Paul De Roubaix, Marcel Ichac
The Concert Ezra Baker
The Home Made Car James Hill
Six-Sided Triangle Christopher Miles
That's Me Walker Stuart
1964 Casals Conducts: 1964 Edward Schreiber
Help! My Snowman's Burning Down Carson Davidson
The Legend of Jimmy Blue Eyes Robert Clouse
1965 Le poulet Claude Berri
Fortress of Peace Lothar Wolff
Skaterdater Marshal Backlar, Noel Black
Snow Geoffrey Jones, Edgar Anstey
Time Piece Jim Henson
1966 Wild Wings Edgar Anstey
Turkey the Bridge Derek Williams
The Winning Strain Leslie Winik
1967 A Place to Stand Christopher Chapman
Paddle to the Sea Julian Biggs
Sky Over Holland John Fernhout
Stop, Look and Listen Len Janson, Chuck Menville
1968 Robert Kennedy Remembered Charles Guggenheim
The Dove George Coe, Sidney Davis i Anthony Lover
Pas de deux Norman McLaren
Prelude John Astin
1969 The Magic Machines Joan Keller Stern
Blake Doug Jackson
People Soup Marc Merson

Dècada de 1970

Any Pel·lícula Nominats
1970 The Resurrection of Broncho Billy John Longenecker
Shut Up... I'm Crying Robert Siegler
Sticky My Fingers... Fleet My Feet John D. Hancock
1971 Sentinels of Silence Manuel Arango, Robert Amram
Good Morning Denny Evans, Ken Greenwald
The Rehearsal Stephen F. Verona
1972 Norman Rockwell's World... An American Dream Richard Barclay
Frog Story Ron Satlof, Ray Gideon
Solo David Adams
1973 The Bolero Allan Miller, William Fertik
Clockmaker Richard Gayer
Life Times Nine Pen Densham, John Watson
1974 One-Eyed Men Are Kings Paul Claudon, Edmond Sechan
Climb Dewitt Jones
The Concert Julian Chagrin, Claude Chagrin
Planet Ocean George V. Casey
The Violin Andrew Welsh, George Pastic
1975 Angel and Big Joe Bert Salzman
Conquest of Light Louis Marcus
Dawn Flight Lawrence M. Lansburgh, Brian Lansburgh
A Day in the Life of Bonnie Consolo Barry Spinello
Doubletalk Alan Beattie
1976 In the Region of Ice Andre Guttfreund, Peter Werner
Kudzu Marjorie Anne Short
The Morning Spider Julian Chagrin, Claude Chagrin
Nightlife Claire Wilbur, Robin Lehman
Number One Dyan Cannon, Vince Cannon
1977 I'll Find a Way Beverly Shaffer, Yuki Yoshida
The Absent-Minded Waiter William E. McEuen
Floating Free Jerry Butts
Notes on the Popular Arts Saul Bass
Spaceborne Philip Dauber
1978 Teenage Father Taylor Hackford
A Different Approach Jim Belcher, Fern Field
Mandy's Grandmother Andrew Sugerman
Strange Fruit Seth Pinsker
1979 Board and Care Sarah Pillsbury, Ron Ellis
Bravery in the Field Roman Kroitor, Stefan Wodoslawsky
Oh Brother, My Brother Carol Lowell, Ross Lowell
The Solar Film Saul Bass, Michael Britton
Solly's Diner Harry Mathias, Jay Zukerman, Larry Hankin

Dècada de 1980

Any Pel·lícula Nominats
1980 The Dollar Bottom Lloyd Phillips
Fall Line Bob Carmichael, Greg Lowe
A Jury of Her Peers Sally Heckel
1981 Violet Paul Kemp, Shelley Levinson
Couples and Robbers Christine Oestreicher
First Winter John N. Smith
1982 A Shocking Accident Christine Oestreicher
Ballet Robotique Bob Rogers
The Silence Michael Toshiyuki Uno, Joseph Benson
Split Cherry Tree Jan Saunders
Sredni Vashtar Andrew Birkin
1983 Boys and Girls Janice L. Platt
Goodie-Two-Shoes Ian Emes
Overnight Sensation Jon N. Bloom
1984 Up Mike Hoover
The Painted Door Michael MacMillan, Janice L. Platt
Tales of Meeting and Parting Sharon Oreck, Lesli Linka Glatter
1985 Molly's Pilgrim Jeff Brown, Chris Pelzer
Graffiti Dianna Costello
Rainbow War Bob Rogers
1986 Precious Images Chuck Workman
Exit Stefano Reali, Pino Quartullo
Love Struck Fredda Weiss
1987 Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall Jonathan Sanger, Jana Sue Memel
Making Waves Ann Wingate
Shoeshine Robert A. Katz
1988 The Appointments of Dennis Jennings Dean Parisot, Steven Wright
Cadillac Dreams Matia Karrell, Abbee Goldstein
Gullah Tales George deGolian, Gary Moss
1989 Work Experience James Hendrie
Amazon Diary Robert Nixon
The Childeater Jonathan Tammuz

Dècada de 1990

Any Pel·lícula Nominats
1990 The Lunch Date Adam Davidson
Bronx Cheers Raymond De Felitta, Matthew Gross
Dear Rosie Peter Cattaneo, Barnaby Thompson
Senzeni Na? Bernard Joffa, Anthony E. Nicholas
12:01 PM Hillary Ripps, Jonathan Heap
1991 Session Man Seth Winston, Rob Fried
Birch Street Gym Stephen Kessler, Thomas R. Conroy
Last Breeze of Summer David Massey
1992 Omnibus Sam Karmann
Contact Jonathan Darby, Jana Sue Memel
Cruise Control Matt Palmieri
The Lady in Waiting Christian Taylor
Swan Song Kenneth Branagh, David Parfitt
1993 Schwarzfahrer Pepe Danquart
Down on the Waterfront Stacy Title, Jonathan Penner
The Dutch Master Susan Seidelman, Jonathan Brett
Partners Peter Weller, Jana Sue Memel
La Vis Didier Flamand
1994 Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life Peter Capaldi, Ruth Kenley-Letts
Trevor Peggy Rajski, Randy Stone
Kangaroo Court Sean Astin, Christine Astin
On Hope JoBeth Williams, Michele McGuire
Syrup Paul Unwin, Nick Vivian
1995 Lieberman in Love Christine Lahti, Jana Sue Memel
Brooms Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas
Duke of Groove Griffin Dunne, Thom Colwell
Little Surprises Jeff Goldblum, Tikki Goldberg
Tuesday Morning Ride Dianne Houston, Joy Ryan
1996 Dear Diary David Frankel, Barry Jossen
De tripas, corazón Antonio Urrutia
Ernst & Lyset Kim Magnusson, Anders Thomas Jensen
Esposados Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Wordless Bernadette Carranza, Antonello De Leo
1997 Visas and Virtue Chris Tashima, Chris Donahue
Dance Lexie Dance Pearse Moore, Tim Loane
It's Good to Talk Roger Goldby, Barney Reisz
Sweethearts? Birger Larsen, Thomas Lydholm
Wolfgang Kim Magnusson, Anders Thomas Jensen
1998 Valgaften Kim Magnusson, Anders Thomas Jensen
Culture Will Speck, Josh Gordon
Holiday Romance Alexander Jovy, JJ Keith
La Carte Postale Vivian Goffette
Victor Simon Sandquist, Joel Bergvall
1999 My Mother Dreams the Satan's Disciples in New York Barbara Schock, Tamara Tiehel
Bror, Min Bror Henrik Ruben Genz, Michael W. Horsten
Killing Joe Mehdi Norowzian, Steve Wax
Kleingeld Marc-Andreas Bochert, Gabriele Lins
Major and Minor Miracles Marcus Olsson

Dècada de 2000

Any Pel·lícula Nominats
2000 Quiero ser (I want to be ...) Florian Gallenberger
By Courier Peter Riegert, Ericka Frederick
One Day Crossing Joan Stein, Christina Lazaridi
Seraglio Gail Lerner, Colin Campbell
Uma História de Futebol Paulo Machline
2001 The Accountant Ray McKinnon, Lisa Blount
Copy Shop Virgil Widrich
Gregor's Greatest Invention Johannes Kiefer
Meska Sprawa Slawomir Fabicki, Bogumil Godfrejow
Speed for Thespians Kalman Apple, Shameela Bakhsh
2002 Der er en yndig mand Martin Strange-Hansen
Fait D'Hiver Dirk Beliën, Anja Daelemans
J'Attendrai Le Suivant Philippe Orreindy, Thomas Gaudin
Inja Steven Pasvolsky, Joe Weatherstone
Johnny Flynton Lexi Alexander, Alexander Buono
2003 Two Soldiers Aaron Schneider, Andrew J. Sacks
Die Rote Jacke Florian Baxmeyer
Most Bobby Garabedian, William Zabka
Squash Lionel Bailliu
(A) Torzija Stefan Arsenijevic
2004 Wasp Andrea Arnold
Everything in This Country Must Gary McKendry
Little Terrorist Ashvin Kumar
7:35 de la mañana Nacho Vigalondo
Two Cars, One Night Taika Waititi, Ainsley Gardiner
2005 Six Shooter Martin McDonagh
Ausreisser Ulrike Grote
Cashback Sean Ellis, Lene Bausager
The Last Farm Rúnar Rúnarsson, Thor S. Sigurjónsson
Our Time Is Up Rob Pearlstein, Pia Clemente
2006 West Bank Story Ari Sandel
Binta y la gran idea Javier Fesser, Luis Manso
Éramos Pocos Borja Cobeaga
Helmer & Son Søren Pilmark, Kim Magnusson
The Saviour Peter Templeman, Stuart Parkyn
2007 Le Mozart des Pickpockets Philippe Pollet-Villard
At Night Christian E. Christiansen, Louise Vesth
Il Supplente Andrea Jublin
Tanghi Argentini Guido Thys, Anja Daelemans
The Tonto Woman Daniel Barber, Matthew Brown
2008 Spielzeugland Jochen Alexander Freydank
Auf der Strecke Reto Caffi
Manon on the Asphalt Elizabeth Marre, Olivier Pont
New Boy Steph Green, Tamara Anghie
The Pig Tivi Magnusson, Dorte Høgh
2009 The New Tenants Joachim Back, Tivi Magnusson
The Door Juanita Wilson, James Flynn
Instead of Abracadabra Patrik Eklund, Mathias Fjellström
Kavi Gregg Helvey
Miracle Fish Luke Doolan, Drew Bailey

Dècada de 2010

Any Pel·lícula Nominats
2010 God of Love Luke Matheny
The Confession Tanel Toom
The Crush Michael Creagh
Na Wewe Ivan Goldschmidt
Wish 143 Ian Barnes
2011 The Shore Terry George, Oorlagh George
Pentecost Peter McDonald, Eimear O'Kane
Raju Max Zähle, Stefan Gieren
Time Freak Andrew Bowler, Gigi Causey
Tuba Atlantic (desqualificada) Hallvar Witzø
2012 Curfew Shawn Christensen
Asad Bryan Buckley
Buzkashi Boys Sam French, Ariel Nasr
Dood van een Schaduw Tom Van Avermaet, Ellen De Waele
Henry Yan England
2013 Helium Anders Walter, Kim Magnusson
Aquel no era yo Esteban Crespo García
Avant que de tout perdre Xavier Legrand, Alexandre Gavras
Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa? Selma Vilhunen, Kirsikka Saari
The Voorman Problem Mark Gill, Baldwin Li
2014 The Phone Call Mat Kirkby
Aya Oded Binnun, Mihal Brezis
Boogaloo and Graham Michael Lennox, Ronan Blaney
La lampe au beurre de yak Hu Wei, Julien Féret
Parvaneh Talkhon Hamzavi, Stefan Eichenberger
2015 Stutterer Benjamin Cleary, Serena Armitage
Ave Maria Basil Khalil, Eric Dupont
Day One Henry Hughes
Alles wird gut Patrick Vollrath
Shok Jamie Donoughue
2016 Mindenki Kristof Deák, Anna Udvardy
Ennemis intérieurs Sélim Azzazi
La femme et le TGV Timo von Gunten, Giacun Caduff
Silent Nights Aske Bang, Kim Magnusson
Timecode Juanjo Giménez
2017 The Silent Child Chris Overton, Rachel Shenton
DeKalb Elementary Reed Van Dyk
The Eleven O'Clock Derin Seale, Josh Lawson
My Nephew Emmett Kevin Wilson Jr.
Watu Wote Katja Benrath, Tobias Rosen
2018 Skin Guy Nattiv, Jaime Ray Newman
Detenció Vincent Lambe, Darren Mahon
Fauve Jérémy Comte, Maria Gracia Turgeon
Marguerite Marianne Farley, Marie-Hélène Panisset
Madre Rodrigo Sorogoyen, María del Puy Alvarado
2019 The Neighbors' Window Marshall Curry
Brotherhood Meryam Joobeur, Maria Gracia Turgeon
Nefta Football Club Yves Piat, Damien Megherbi
Saria Bryan Buckley, Matt Lefebvre
A Sister Delphine Girard

Dècada de 2020

Any Pel·lícula Nominats
2020 Two Distant Strangers Travon Free, Martin Desmond Roe
Feeling Through Doug Roland, Susan Ruzenski
The Letter Room Elvira Lind, Sofia Sondervan
The Present Farah Nabulsi
White Eye Tomer Shushan, Shira Hochman
2021 The Long Goodbye Aneil Karia, Riz Ahmed
Ala Kachuu – Take and Run Maria Brendle, Nadine Lüchinger
Sukienka Tadeusz Łysiak, Maciej Ślesicki
On My Mind Martin Strange-Hansen, Kim Magnusson
Please Hold K.D. Dávila, Levin Menekse
2022 An Irish Goodbye Tom Berkeley, Ross White
Ivalu Anders Walter, Rebecca Pruzan
Le pupille Alice Rohrwacher, Alfonso Cuarón
Night Ride Eirik Tveiten, Gaute Lid Larssen
The Red Suitcase Cyrus Neshvad
2023 La meravellosa història de Henry Sugar Wes Anderson, Steven Rales
The After Misan Harriman, Nicky Bentham
Invincible Vincent René-Lortie, Samuel Caron
Knight of Fortune Lasse Lyskjær Noer, Christian Norlyk
Red, White and Blue Nazrin Choudhury, Sara McFarlane

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