Jean-Luc Picard

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Infotaula personatgeJean-Luc Picard
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Tipus personatge humà de ficció
personatge de sèrie de televisió
personatge cinematogràfic
personatge literari
Epònim Auguste Piccard i Jean Piccard
Creat per Gene Roddenberry
Interpretat per Patrick Stewart i David Birkin
Present a l'obra Survivors, Vectors, Descent, Old Wounds, Ancient Blood, Boogeymen, Emissary, Spectre, The Devil's Heart, Immortal Coil, Lesser Evil, The Last Stand, Fortune's Light, Losing the Peace, Abyss, Enemy of My Enemy, Guises of the Mind, Sins of Commission, Avenger, Rogue Saucer, The Root of All Rage, Q-Strike, The Red King, The Eyes of the Beholders, The Badlands, Book One, The Romulan Prize, Preserver, The Captains' Honor, Dragon's Honor, Q-Zone, Grounded, Federation, The Peacekeepers, Articles of the Federation, Orions Hounds, Imbalance, The Children of Hamlin, Perchance To Dream, The Return, Blaze of Glory, The Battle of Betazed, The Romulan Stratagem, Rogue, All Good Things…, Unification, Crossover, Q-Space, This Gray Spirit, Here There Be Dragons, Dark Victory, Dark Mirror, A Call To Darkness, A Stitch in Time, A Rock and a Hard Place, Q-in-Law, Taking Wing, A Singular Destiny, The Farther Shore, Foreign Foes, Gods of Night, Once Burned, Generations, Ghost Ship, Mere Mortals, Balance of Power, Gulliver's Fugitives, Homecoming, Before Dishonor, Behind Enemy Lines, I, Q, Exiles, Into the Nebula, Imzadi, Triangle: Imzadi II, Infection, Chains of Command, Contamination, War Drums, Gemworld, Book One, Gemworld, Book Two, Martyr, Power Hungry, Masks, Greater than the Sum, Metamorphosis, Encounter at Farpoint, Nightshade, Avatar, Book One, Avatar, Book Two, Debtors' Planet, Strike Zone, Doomsday World, Full Circle, Q-Squared, Q&A, Relics, Requiem, Red Sector, Sword of Damocles, The Soldiers of Fear, Spartacus, Over a Torrent Sea, Insurrection, First Contact, Nemesis, Captain's Peril, Captain's Glory, Captain's Blood, Tunnel Trough the Stars, To Storm Heaven, Synthesis, Do Comets Dream?, A Fury Scorned, Vendetta, Lost Souls, Possession, Resistance, Reunion i Twilight
Univers univers Star Trek
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Ocupació comandant
Nacionalitat França
Naixement La Barre, 13 juliol 2305
Cònjuge sense valor
Fills sense valor
Rang militar Capità
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Jean-Luc Picard és un personatge de la sèrie de ciència-ficció Star Trek: The Next Generation («Star Trek: La nova generació») i de les pel·lícules associades Star Trek: Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection i Star Trek: Nemesis. És el capità de la nau estel·lar USS Enterprise D de la Federació Unida de Planetes. Posteriorment, en ser destruïda, capitanejarà la USS Enterprise E, força superior. Està interpretat per Patrick Stewart.